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Vitara Compact SUV | Re-Ignited

Compact SUV | Re-Ignited

Feeling hemmed in? Losing your individuality? Free yourself and lead the pack! Broaden your horizons and grab the lifestyle you want. A whole new world awaits. Live more. Live life.

Vitara Re-designed style for a modern design that will turn heads

Re-designed style for a modern design that will turn heads

It's your turn to get inventive and make your new Vitara your own. Available in two-tone colours, painted or polished 17" alloy wheels and privacy glass on all models. Mix and match colours, interior trims and wheels to reflect your style and stand out.

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Vitara Performance Re-Ignited
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Finding the perfect Vitara for you

A completely new and highly evolved SUV has arrived, inheriting Suzuki's SUV spirit.

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Accessories for your Vitara

See all accessories available to enhance and customise your vehicle.

Suzuki Vitara Safety & Security accessories

<img src="Adapter For Cargo Partition Grid

Adapter For Cargo Partition Grid

The adapter bracket securely mounts the the Cargo Partition grid

<img src="Cargo Barrier

Cargo Barrier

A steel barrier for separating the rear seats from the cargo area when carrying loads.

<img src="Cargo Partition Grid

Cargo Partition Grid

For dividing the cargo area into two section, only in combination with the cargo barrier.