4x4 = a lot. And that's what's on this page: a lot. Because the Jimny comes loaded with features—ready to go wherever the road takes you. Or where the off-road takes you.

So if you're after a lot, without spending a lot, find out "more x more" below.

Jimny is built to handle rugged off-road terrain


Jimny by name, iconic 4x4 by nature.

Time to uncover that missing piece from your adventures. Where resilience intersects with performance. Comfort meets adventure. It's the rugged 4x4 off-road that a Viking would drive. It's built like a tank and always looks at home, wherever your home may be.

Some would call it a mad fever dream. Wheels Magazine calls it the 2021 best value small 4x4 in Australia. We just call it Jimny.

It calls us whatever it wants… and it should

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The Jimny is like no other 4WD car on the market. It comes in two variants; Jimny Lite and Jimny. They both are equipped with its ALLGRIP PRO system, meaning it’s comfortable on any terrain. High and low range gearing and a brake LSD allow it to climb up anywhere. Couple that with the torque from the almighty 1.5L engine, it'll make Everest seem like it's a big hill. Although it’s a car for a Viking who says it must be as sparse as one of their boats? Relish the spacious seating and comfy seats throughout. It might be one of the smallest four wheel drives out there, but its practical design allows for the rear seats to fold so you can bring the kitchen sink with you everywhere you go.

The Jimny Lite is not lite on adventure with its hardcore steel wheels, black accented handles and manual transmission. It comes equipped with a CD player that allows you to blast your old ‘So Fresh’ CDs without any internet connection. For those that are unsure of what CDs are, they are the old circular shiny things. The Jimny on the other hand is equipped with a 9” display that incorporates Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ bringing all the familiarities you've come to know and love at the touch of a button. It also comes with a leather-wrapped steering wheel which makes cleaning a breeze when wiping away the drool of other four wheel drive owners as they jump in and realise what they’ve been missing out on.

Four wheel drive cars in Australia are in high demand with many to choose from. But, if you’re after the best 4WD car, you’ve come to the right website. Check out the Jimny, the iconic 4x4.

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