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Swift Sport Made for Thrills

Made for Thrills

It's the not so everyday car for the everyday.

Swift Sport Ultimate Sportiness

Ultimate Sportiness

Higher torque. Lower weight. Aggressive stance. The Swift Sport Turbo is exhilarating to drive 100% of the time. Packed full of features, advanced safety and performance styled interior.

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Swift Sport Overview 3
Swift Sport Overview 4
Swift Sport

Finding the perfect Swift Sport for you

Ultimate Sportiness.

*ADR 81/02 results for manual and automatic transmission. Fuel Consumption figures may not mimic real-life driving conditions and should be considered for comparative purposes only.

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Swift Sport
Swift Sport

Accessories for your Swift Sport

See all accessories available to enhance and customise your vehicle.

Suzuki Swift Sport Interior accessories

<img src="Air Conditioner Filter

Air Conditioner Filter

Deodorising, Antibacterial and Anti-Allergen upgrade

<img src="Cargo Mat "ECO"

Cargo Mat "ECO"

<img src="Cargo Tray

Cargo Tray