Welcome to the #SWIFTLIFE.

Choose Fun. Choose adventure. Choose the #SWIFTLIFE with the Suzuki Swift. Still packed with Swifts famous performance, quality and independent spirit, it's now Swiftier than ever.

The bold evolution of the Swift's DNA.

Implementing a daring transformation while retaining the Swift's iconic characteristics; the Suzuki Swift now has bold new curves, muscular lines, aggressive front grille, distinctive headlights and a stylish new interior.

Exterior Features

Designed to stand out

From the bold chrome accented grille to the crafted polished alloys, this is a car that demands attention. Muscular body lines give the Swift a powerful presence, and details like the floating roof with pillar mounted rear door handles make this car really stand out.

Exhilarate your senses

Experience all-new levels of fun behind the wheel with light, sharp steering, swift handling and reliable performance.

Beauty is within

Compact on the outside and spacious on the inside, the Swift is versatile enough to take you seamlessly from the city to open-road adventure.

Tailored Swift

Explosive acceleration, enhanced cornering capability and greater control; the Suzuki Swift has been designed for impressive performance.

Interior Features

New cabin design

The racecar-like, D-shaped steering wheel, front seats that firmly hold, and the infotainment panel angled toward the driver help form a more-sporty, higher-quality environment the unifies car and driver.

9" Infotainment System

The currently offered 9" infotainment system enables intuitive operation of AM/FM Tuner, Bluetooth, USB Audio, and reverse camera. Satellite navigation display is via Apple Car Play® and Android Auto® phone connectivity. (Standard on GL, GL+, and GLX)

Multi-touch Colour Display

The 7" touchscreen display enables intuitive operation of multimedia features including audi, hands-feee phone, satellite navigation, reversing camera and smartphone integration. (Standard on GL Navi)

Increased cabin and boot space

Compact on the outside for easy manoeuvring and roomy on the inside for occupants and belongings. An evolution in vehicle packaging allows the Swift to meet the needs of drivers who want both.

Safety & Security

Full of clever technology

Modern life demands a modern car, that’s why the Swift has Suzuki Safety Support. With a host of smart features to assist you and make driving easier and safer, this is a car that fills you with confidence and makes every journey more enjoyable.

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Monocular Camera and Laser Sensor

Advanced Forward Detection System combines a monocular camera and laser sensor, which is attached to the windscreen, and a wave radar which is located on the grille.

Advance Forward Detection System

The combination of a monocular camera, which excels in mid-to- long distance performance & can also detect pedestrians, and a laser sensor, which excels at short-distance and night time detection, expands the safety functions of the vehicle.

Blind Spot Monitor (BSM)

At 15km/h or faster, two rear mounted side radar sensors detect vehicles located in or approaching the rear blind spot to assist the driver. A warning LED icon illuminated in the relevant door mirrors alerts the driver, accompanied by a warning sound if the driver activates the turn signals to change lanes.

Driving Dynamics

Delivering a heart-throbbing drive

The range of advance technologies available in the new Swift results in an increased level of excitement, confidence and control.

HEARTECT Technology

The "HEARTECT" next-generation platform features a high-rigidity frame that contributes to crash safety. The lighter platform, made so by a reduction in the number of required reinforcements, enhance both fundamental vehicle performance and fuel consumption performance.

GL models - 1.2L Dualjet

Featuring dual injectors for each cylinder, which results in greatly increased efficiency. It is a responsive engine that strikes an ideal balance between optimal power and good fuel performance (4.6L per 100km fuel economy manual* / 4.8L per 100km fuel economy automatic^).

*ADR 81/02 results for manual transmission. ^ADR 81/02 results for automatic transmission. NEDC Fuel Consumption figures may not mimic real-life driving conditions and should be considered for comparison against other vehicles only. Apple CarPlay® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Android Auto, Google, Google Play and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc.

GLX - 1.0L Boosterjet Turbo

The newly designed 1.0L Boosterjet direct-injection turbo engine reduces engine displacement while achieving higher power output and torque compared to a larger engine, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and performance (5.1L/100km fuel economy†).

†ADR 81/02 results for automatic turbo transmission. NEDC Fuel Consumption figures may not mimic real-life driving conditions and should be considered for comparison against other vehicles only.

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Finding the perfect Suzuki Swift for you

Choose Fun. Choose adventure. Choose the exhilaration.

*ADR 81/02 results for manual and automatic transmission. Fuel Consumption figures may not mimic real-life driving conditions and should be considered for comparative purposes only.


Accessories for your Swift

See all accessories available to enhance and customise your vehicle.

Suzuki Swift Interior accessories

<img src="A/C Deodorant Filter

A/C Deodorant Filter

Filters dust, pollen, sand,

mites, unpleasant odours from outside and inside the car and other air impurities including the PM2.5 capturing effect which keeps the air in a cabin cleaner than the air filtered by standard A/C filter.

<img src="Anti Slip Inlay

Anti Slip Inlay

For the centre console to prevent content rattling or moving around.

<img src="Boot Lip Protector

Boot Lip Protector

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