Suzuki's internationally lauded Swift and Vitara models have again romped to victory in the RACQ's annual car running costs survey.

After the RACQ assessed 139 popular models, Swift was declared the clear winner in the Light Car class with the Suzuki Baleno coming in a close second.

The Suzuki Vitara again claimed the award for most economical Small SUV to own and maintain.

The RACQ assesses the total costs associated with buying a new car and operating it for five years while covering an annual distance of 15,000km. It includes vehicle depreciation, insurance, registration, fuel and servicing costs.

The victories follow on from recent wins in another independent industry assessment where Suzuki took the top podium position in Canstar Blue's customer ratings for new cars in 2018, scoring five stars out of a possible five stars for reliability, value for money and overall satisfaction.

Suzuki also won the 'Most Satisfied Customers - Small Car' for the third year in a row in those Canstar Blue awards.

Last year Suzuki vehicles again shone in the RACQ's annual running costs survey winning three categories - Swift and Vitara again were class winners.

Suzuki Queensland's General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Mr Steve Craig said: "The RACQ's survey provides real life interpretations of actual running costs, particularly in the area of regular servicing where six month versus 12 month versus capped price versus non-capped price servicing schedules, can sometimes create confusion between brands."

"The RACQ survey slices through that confusion and states very clearly that Suzuki's Six Months Capped Price Servicing program and other associated running costs, still work out the most economical by a long way and further, that the only vehicle coming close to a Suzuki in terms of affordability, is very often, another Suzuki."

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